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What we strongly believe in


We work hard on bringing people together. As a international firm dedicated to global cultural exchange and fusion, our mission is to help you, and the world, join together as a family.


We care about education, so much so that we would consider what鈥檚 in the best interest to our children than to ourselves. Education plays such an important role of civilization, it鈥檚 natural for us to assume a better future to our children is a better future to the world.


We always prepare for the long term. This means we would never sacrifice enduring benefit to the world to catch a small fortune. This means we cherish our partners and we care about reputation.


We would be grateful to hear from you with any kind of feedback. Tell us what you think or ask us any questions that you may have. Contact us.

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British teachers

Help them find a job in China.
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English Training facilities

Help them find teachers.


What is so great about China

Are you a graduate / teacher looking for a career in China?